My French Exam

Your complete VOCAB LIST in one app! Learn vocab as you go along, take a vocab test and get an estimated grade!


Vocab learning is an essential part of exam revision, particularly for listening and reading exams. This one extra word you know could make the whole difference and give you this one extra mark you need to achieve your target grade!

Good luck!

Last updates:

Jun 2018 – v.2.1.4: Improvements made to the Speech Recognition in the Pronunciation section and added a link to Patreon.

Sep 2017 – v. 2.1.3: Upgrade for compatibility with devices running version 1703 of Windows 10 (Creators Update).

More improvements coming soon …

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App features:

  • French vocab list
  • 3 levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
  • Browse words by category, alphabetically or by word type
  • Highlight easy or difficult words to make them appear in a separate list
  • Listen to model pronunciation
  • See words used in example sentences
  • Take a vocab test
  • Get a score and estimated grade
  • Practice pronunciation with Speech Recognition

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January 2019


My French Exam is a category winner of the MFL category in the Tech for Teachers Award 2019.