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Jan 2019

My French Exam: Category winner for MFL in Tech for Teachers Award 2019

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May 2018

theLanguageApp development plans

Patrons will be interested to know what new features & functionalities are to be added to the apps in the near future:

My French Exam – Writing and loading of a complete set of example sentences (one for each word of the vocab list); Improvement to the Speech Recognition module to better coach students with their pronunciation practice; Development of a well-structured Grammar Section with quizzes and exercises.

Memorize it! – Adding at least 3 extra memory techniques. They work brilliantly in the classroom on whiteboards, so it’s time to bring them to a Windows 10 touchscreen!

Hear it first! – Shared target implementation (i.e. highlight text anywhere on your PC, right-click and open the app to hear the text you have highlighted); Improvements to the reader with the option to read aloud or ignore speech marks and other punctuation characters.

Other plans: Further development of Je révise l’anglais for French speakers learning English; Extension of vocab list apps to German and Spanish; Creation of 2 new revision tools currently in conceptual design phase; Cross-platform development with iOS, Android and Web.

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Jan 2018

Hear it first!: Category finalist for MFL in Tech for Teachers Award 2018

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Feb 2017

Guest post: Developing Windows 10 Language Apps


Jan 2017

2 min presentation at BETT 2017

Nov 2016

Effectively using free Windows 10 apps


Oct 2016

Great to see so many of you at the Language Show Live, London


May 2016

Teacher adds one more Language Leveraging Microsoft’s Virtual Academy


Jan 2016

Hear it first! puts multi-lingual voices on Windows 10 PC and Mobile


Nov 2015

Memorize it! comes in as today’s AdDuplex HERO app